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Gig Of The Month, posted on the October 26, 2019 is:
- Hens & Co. at the Penny Blu 26th October 2019 -

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Posted on the October 26, 2019

We don’t get to play The Penny Blue Club in Lucan that often, but when we do it always gets a little out of hand and this night was no exception 😉

Can’t remember what song it was but all of a sudden the stage is full with a great variety of ladies. Some sober(ish) and some, well, fairly hammered as they say 🙂

It took the (nervous) bouncers quite a while to clear the stage that night…..apparently, we were not supposed to have people from the audience up on stage in the first place LOL.

Anyway, this pic was asking for some comic comments as I’m sure you’ll agree!

Here’s a comic of the gig.

Hens & Co. at the Penny Blu 26th October 2019
[Click here to zoom in]

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