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Gig Of The Month, posted on the July 20, 2019 is:
- Yep, we did FIT in well at Kennedy’s on the 20th of July 2019 -

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Posted on the July 20, 2019

When we first arrived to play this venue in Drumcondra we were looking at the stage and wondering …how the hell are we gonna fit all our gear on that tiny little ‘stage‘?

Yep, we thought, this is not gonna end well. Especially with comments from the staff like “Sure we had a 9 piece band in here last week and they fit no problem” Must have been a band of blue munchkins we thought!
Anyway, we somehow managed to scale down everything and the show went on.

That was in 2018 sometime, and since then this quirky little venue has become a favourite of ours.

The crowd that comes to see us there are so appreciative of what we do and it’s a really intimate gig for us…. kinda no choice there LOL

Here’s a comic of the gig.

Yep, we did FIT in well at Kennedy's on the 20th of July 2019
[Click here to zoom in]

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