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Gig Of The Month, posted on the June 1, 2019 is:
- Madness at the Garavouge 1st June 2019 -

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Posted on the June 1, 2019

Ahh, The Garavogue Venue in the heart of Sligo town! Always one of our favourite venues to play in Ireland.

This gig always turns into a real mini rock concert for us, and this one was no exception. It’s also a fun gig for us too because while the venue always attracts party groups like hens and birthdays we always have a contingency of rockers dudes, too.

What’s funny is that these rocker dudes only approach the front of the stage when we kick into the more rockier part of the set. Then they really go for it.
Funny though, these lads also appear again when we get the hen girls up on stage LOL.

Here’s a comic of the gig.

Madness at the Garavouge 1st June 2019
[Click here to zoom in]

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