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Gig Of The Month, posted on the February 16, 2019 is:
- We had some fun at Belinnis 16th Feb 2019 -

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Posted on the February 16, 2019

Had a fun first gig at Bellini’s in Newry on the 16th of February. I think the ladies were a bit shocked when we came off the stage (having never seen the band before) LOL.

But the crowd there got the tongue n cheek after a few songs in… 😉

Yes, I’ll remember this gig as it was the first time our drummer Jonathon was actually put in a glass cage on stage. The sound engineer said it was to limit the stage volume for the guests but I think it was for the protection of the other members of the band! LOL

Here’s a comic of the gig.

We had some fun at Belinnis 16th Feb 2019
[Click here to zoom in]

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